|Diary| Shopping time~

Bello Bunnies~

Super short post. Been a just-work week. For me there are some dates in the year when I receive a little extra money which are Christmas, my birthday and mid-July, so I normally spend it all in food, clothing or makeup. Spending the most on food #LOL

So I just finished my shoppings and wanted to share them with you~~~ ♥

I still want my hair pink so
LaRiche Directions - Carnation Pink

Mint blouse

Macaroon Fabric ♥
will become a casual dress

pink blouse

pink boots

Baby Alice Bow

Bodyline dress

ETC Skirt 

And that's all, I'm poor again~
I'm so shoppaholic

But I also bought stuff to make yummy jewelry ♥ will post when I finish them

Stay cute!!


|Diary| Many shades of me

Hello bunnies~

After a torturing week of final exams and 5 subjects already closed, I got a little free time at work to write again and if you don't mind I'm re-reading the Half-Blood Prince so bear with me writing in English!

First of all, Claudia handed me some of the pictures she took for her Advertisement Photography's final. You can check them out on her tumblr!! I really like the pictures and I hope she gets a good score ♥

And now onto the topic, as people that know me know #lol this' been a quite hard term for me. My scores are quite good and I'm still keeping my grades as I like but working and studying really worn me out... literally. I mean I'm exhausted and after being sick the whole term, losing weight, loosing blood (that's a funny story actually even if it scared me to hell) and fainting more than what I can resist for a term. I've decided I can't keep it up~ So next term I'll just study. It's quite hard for me cause it makes me feel as if I'm not up to the expectations, but I can't do much, maybe later. I'll miss the income though~

So as you might be guessing, that also meant I had barely time to spare. However, it really made me realize that there's people that will be there for me no matter what even if I'm available or not. Really I'm grateful for having such an amazing boyfriend and best friend (yeah, Dani but don't tell him). One for even taking some of my homework, staying with me every single free time he got and being by my side without caring how angry, depressed or stressed I was and making me a happy nyappy person, and the other to write to me every single day, made me laugh and cheer me up ♥ And I also got to have amazing moments that I'll miss like Alejo's awesome inspiring lessons, going back home talking of random stuff with Fati & Isaac, bothering Benicat with pink stuff, running into Pedro, Cotito or Mayra every now and then, seeing Mari randomly and, of course, the surprise visits to the store by my dear Lu ♥ So I can't really complaint I've got marvelous people around me.

However, I dunno if this happens to you, doing everything I was expected to do and just caring about that made me start feeling a little off, like not me and it starting showing in my appereance and attitude in general. So, now that I don't have to think about the next exam, class, paper or anything really, I decided to have a shock therapy to find myself again. So when people face that kind of problem they normally talk to someone (done), buy a lot (I kinda do it for every reason I can make), go abroad (done) or sunk into sadness (I'm ashame to say that I did that one too). So the only logical thing (I my mind) that I could do was to.... have a makeover!! 

That's how I decided that I wanted my hair hot pink... originally just pink but I didn't wanted to burn my hair that fast. The woman that did it was delighted. I wanted the shade of hot pink that Ayumi Seto has so I showed her a picture. The funny thing is that she thought I already had had my hair hot pink. God bless her, I think she's quite blind, I don't look anything like her, less without makeup. So two sessions later this is the result!! From mousy-brown to golden blond to strawberry orange to hot cherry pink.

Before everything started (I went alone to have some me-time)

 The bleaching

Blond will never suit me

 So this was try 1 - I went a weird shade of orange red 
I really didn't like so we decided to give it another go.

 Final result very hot cherry reddish fucshia color
My friend Pedro'll like the 2nd one he keeps saying I look like the girl in Scott Pilgrim

 Make up on~

a friend said I didn't looked much different with and whitout make-up
I hope it's for th good

Make up for today.

I really feel more cheerful and with my hopes and optimism high again so, it was for the better. I got my much-ness back #woohoo. I hope I can turn ir pink-ier in the future ♥

That that was it, hope you aren't that bored reading about me .-.
Stay cute~

Val ♥