|Review| Babyssb "Twinkle Girl" set review

Hello everybody~ (* >ω<) I’m Claudia and this is going to be my first post in here, I hope you find it useful m(_ _)m

Today I’d like to do a little review about BTSSB Twinkle Girl Set in PinkXGold colorway. It was my first time buying directly from BABYSSB shop, so you can imagine my excitement!

To show you all the details of the dress I made this little video in our YouTube Channel . Please excuse my squeaky voice~ _:(´` ):_

Teehee~ I’m so happy with my new JSK. Hope you liked the post!
Stay cute(〃・ω・〃


|Review| Babyssb "innocent rose" jsk review

Hello bunnies~

I've had a week full of stress due to my thesis but I think it's going good *hehehe*. Today I'd like to review my last dress which is Innocent Rose from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I bought it directly from the store as a self birthday present (I know I had many self presents *hehe*) and as it was thought as something for my birthday, I've had it in storage. 

Baby service was super fast as always and it arrived way but waaaaay before my birthday. I chose this dress because it was very elegant, detailed and sweet and managed to get it in my desired colour way which was pink x white.

I just can't say in words how detailed this garment is: the tulle petals in all the skirt, the brocade lace and the pearls all around the waist line. It's really dreamy and fairy like! I leave you some photos I took for my tumblr.

I'm soooo happy with it. It's already one I my favourites and I'm so happy I managed to get another of my dream dresses! I've already make many coords with it that I'll try on Miss Quinn and share with the world.

Hope you enjoyed the post, I have another little silly something for my daily life on the way but sadly the postal offices nationwide in Peru are on strike. It's really annoying but I hope I manage to get them soon. Also if you have me on my Facebook account, it's gonna become a much more personal space due to some changes in my life so, for all the Lolita updates check the blog's fan page as I'm just keeping family and closed friends in my fb account :3 

Stay cute~ val♡


A new beginning~

Hello bunnies,

Some of you may notice that the blog has changed its name to Pinky Frilly. This is a new project that I've been thinking with my friends from some time now and from now on this is going to become a vlog & blog about Lolita Fashion in Perú!

The idea started when we noticed that the Peruvian movement wasn't known much outside other Latin American communities and we'd like to share all the events and things that happen in our daily lifes along with other interesting stuff about Lolitas here for you all!

With me there's gonna be a team of really dorky girls that I adore and that have become my bffs in Lolita and that encouraged me to do something more with this little space I have:

Me ♥ Faba ♥ Shiroyi ♥ CM ♥ Michilaine
Follow the new blog's Fanpage for daily updates! Pinky Frilly Facebook

I really hope you enjoy everything we post, see yah on our first video!
As always...

Stay cute ♥


|Review| Babyssb's costumer service

Hello bunnies~

Today I'll write about an experience I had with the Lolita Brand, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright that had made me love this brand even more (if that was possible (^ω^)).

All started a week ago when my last order from them arrived. I had ordered Baby's |Butterfly Scepter| in gold but when I opened the box, the scepter was broken. I knew that was due to the postal  office services and contacted Baby right away (after unsuccessfully attempted to repair it Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ). They answered right away asking me to send back the damaged item and they'd cover the shipping costs, so I did that the very next day. 

After sending them the shipping notification, Baby inmediatelly refunded me for the shipping cost and send me a new scepter which arrived today! 

The box didn't look that well and the post office is on strike here so I just prayed that this time everything was fine.

To my great surprise they had wrapped everything with care and the scepter was safe! I hadn't taken that many pink paper in my life ^_−☆

And Baby Staff send me a postcard and a lovel shopping bag. They even wrote to me in Spanish! That detail melt my heart! ♡

This experience made me love Baby even more, they have such a lovely Staff that take care of costumers ♡

A scepter is not of much use but I can't wait to take it to the Masquerade event Lolimafia Staff is planning! I'm going with my beloved friends and we've decided to take classical princesses as our inspiration, can't wait for that day to arrive ♡

Stay cute everyone! (・ω・)ノ


|Review| Classical Puppets Petticoat

Hello bunnies~ 

My university semester already started and I'm already freaking out over my thesis. It's a 1 year project (less if you finish it during the summer cycle) and I want to do something I like... I still can't figure out how to match my tastes to the advertisement world.


Anyway, yesterday a taobao order I had made with CM & Faba arrived! I have to say that due to photography filters some items were really different to the reality but I think it went ok.

So, I said it on my tumblr, but I had taken the horrible habit of borrowing Mari's spare petticoat every time I needed a proper poof since the ones I have have already lost shape. Mari had this incredibl big petticoat from Classical Puppets so I decided to invest in one an stop pestering over my lovely friend.

I ordered the simple, cheap one (I didn't understood the different from the other one since the pictures were the same). I now know why: this one, though in great shape, has just one layer. I don't matter much about it since Mari had to cut hers in two because it was way to poofy and this fits me like the spare one she always handles me so I'm happy.

The material is a fabric I hadn't seen here in Peru but it's incredibly puffy for a petticoat and it's way better than the ones I have. It's got a cotton underskirt that needs a serious ironing. There are also some loose threads but Mari had told me it's because of the fabric. 

With shipping it costs around 40$ using BuyChina (shipping to Peru is expensive). However, I encourage every girl & boy to try getting a petticoat with this material. From Mari's experience I can tell it won't die anytime soon and your dresses will have the poof you need. 

♡ Review: Positive 

That's all, I'll leave you some photos.
Stay cute ♡

Sugar Bouquet using my 2 old petticoats

Sugar Bouquet with the Classical Puppets Petticoat


|Blogger Challenge| ¿Quién eres tú en el Lolita?

Hello bunnies~

Encontré esta linda entrada en |Un cuarto propio| (pueden encontrar el post original en♥ aquí ♥). Me pareció muy entretenido y decidí intentarlo. Espero ver más post de esto (recuerden ser honestas) y conocer más lolitas hispano-hablantes del mundo <3

Stay cute,


Coloca en negritas las opciones que te describan.

♥ Lifestyler o fashionstyler?
♥JSK u OP?
♥ Falda o JSK?
♥ Blusa o cutsew?
♥ Cintura alta o normal?
♥ Malice Mizer o Moi dix Mois?
♥ Emily Temple o Innocent World?
♥ Taobao o Bodyline?
♥ Kpop o Jpop?
♥ Música de cámara o Versailles?
♥ Japón o Francia?
♥ Rococó o Victoriano?
♥ Usas calcetas OTK
♥ Usas bloomers
♥ Usas más de una crinolina al mismo tiempo
♥ Usas más de tres crinolinas al mismo tiempo
♥ Mezclas Lolita con Mori Kei
♥ Mezclas Lolita con Fairy Kei
♥ Mezclas Lolita con Pastel Goth
♥ Mezclas Lolita con cualquier otro estilo
♥ Tu computadora está loleada
♥ Tu celular está loleado
♥ Tu área de trabajo/estudio está loleada
♥ Estás lolead@ en este momento
♥ Te gusta el handmade
♥ Haces tu propio handmade
♥ Tienes un crush lolita
♥ Tienes más de un crush lolita
♥ Tienes un crush boystyler
♥ Adoras a Mana
♥ Adoras a Novala Takemoto
♥ Adoras a Misako Aoki
♥ Adoras a tu comunidad
♥ Odias a tu comunidad
Tienes sentimientos encontrados acerca de tu comunidad
♥ Te gusta el drama
♥ Odias el drama
♥ Has hecho Secrets
♥ Has hecho Valentines
♥ Has recibido Valentines
♥ Tienes una amiga lolita extranjera
♥ Tienes más de 5 amigas lolitas extranjeras
♥ Tienes un Dream Dress
♥ Tienes más de un Dream Dress
♥ Has gastado menos de $20 dls. en una prenda
♥ Has gastado más de $500 dls. en una prenda
♥ Has regateado una prenda
♥ Has comprado ropa de segunda mano
♥ …que olía mal/estaba manchada
♥ Has salido con un coord que no te convencía
♥ Has combinado colores que no te agradaban
♥ Has usado un vestido que al final no te gustó
♥ Has comprado algo que al final no te quedó
♥ Has vendido o comprado en grupos de Facebook

 ♥ ¿Qué nombre usas en el ámbito Lolita?
Tu nombre // Un apodo

♥ ¿Desde hace cuánto tiempo vistes Lolita?
Menos de 6 meses // De 6 meses a un año // De un año a dos años // Más de dos años

♥ ¿Cuál de estas prendas usas con más frecuencia?
 One Piece (OP) // Jumperskirt (JSK) // Falda 

♥ Prefieres las prendas Lolita con… 
Colores lisos // Motivos como rayas o cuadros // Prints

♥ ¿Te consideras atada a un estilo o prefieres variar?
 Un estilo // Estilos variados

♥ Eres una Lolita…
Gothic // Sweet // Classic // Casual // Shiro&Kuro // Punk // Otras

♥ Conoces marcas Indie como...
LIEF // Cloud Chamber // Haenuli // Belladonna // Pirates and the Crown Rose // Otras

♥ Prefieres usar…
Medias // Calcetas

♥ Prefieres usar…
Headress // Alice Bow

♥ Normalmente combinas el Lolita con…
Cabello natural // Peluca

♥ ¿Formas parte de una comunidad?
 Sí, soy organizadora // Sí, soy miembro // No, no formo parte


|Diary| Holidays

Hello bunnies,

I'm not dead, just extremely lazy~ As I always say, my life is extremely monotonous and very uninteresting so I never bother to write about it. However this past weekend was quite lovely.

On Sunday I went to the ballet with my father, we saw the Swan Lake. It was the last day to see it and he paid for a balcony as a present for getting good grades at university so I was really excited and we enjoyed it a lot. The Municipal Theater is a very lovely place, I wish that, if I ever get married, I could make the ceremony there, the place is just amazingly darling.

light was quite bad inside

Later on, after lunch, I went to a tea party organized by the local comm staff which was originally going to be a picnic but due to the weather was changed to a nearby tea house (the one that has gotten quite like "the point" for meet-ups since Cuteberry's tea party). I spent most of the evening with my pinky lovely friends since there were so many people I don't know or others where far in the other side of the table *babuh*

Mari & me


Mari, me, Claudiamiani, Lui, Faba
(Picture by: Nathan... blame him for taking blurry photos)

♥ Bow + Skirt: Babyssb
♥ Accessories: Chocomint
♥ Rest: Offbrand

That's it!

Some people has asked for some of my clothing choices for lolita coords. I normally mix offbrand with lolita a lot, since I don't like lolita shoes, nor blouses, nor tons of stuff (shoot me now). Some people say my style is more casual-vintage looking because of it. I think I'll share some of the things I use in lolita in my next post (it also helps you to save since it's cheaper than actual lolita stuff).

As always stay cute and dream on~
Val ♥


|diary| sugar bouquet

Hello bunnies~

Mi ciclo de universidad terminó y es tiempo para una vida normal de trabajo (por lo menos por un par de semanas)

The university period has ended and it's time for a normal working life (for a couple of weeks). It's been pretty intense but hopefully it's over and I did pretty well  (scholarship and all).


Ayer recogí mi última compra del correo: SugarBouquet de Babyssb. Sé que este estampado no estaba en mi wishlist, pero lo considero todo un ícono de la marca, así que tenía que comprarlo. Este estampado fue portada del mook y agenda de baby, así como fue parte del memorial series y tiene hasta funda para celular! Y el estampado grita Baby por todos lados con sus delicadas rosas y fresas y el logo de Baby alrededor. Es un estampado de ensueño.

So, yesterday I picked up my latest purchase from the post office: Sugar Bouquet skirt by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! I know SugarBouquet wasn't in my wish list but I consider it a Baby icon so I just had to buy it. This print has been featured in Baby's mook, agenda, phone case, memorial series, etc. And the print screams Baby galore with its delicate roses and strawberries plus Baby's logo swirling around. A really dreamy set indeed. 


Bueno, pasó que colocaron la falda en la página de ClosetChild y no me pude contener. El proceso de compra fue súper simple, como siempre, y llegó a Lima es sábado (yo ordené un martes). Yo había tenido muy mala suerte en conseguir el mook y agenda, así que soy muy feliz por mi compra *jiji* y hay que decir que es preciosa!

So, it happened that it appeared at ClosetChild and I simply couldn't contain myself. The process was very easy as always and it was in my country on Saturday (I ordered on Tuesday). I've been very unlucky with the mook and agenda, so I had to have the skirt *hihi* and I've got to admit it's already one of my favourites!  


Todavía estoy esperando que lleguen algunas cosillas para hacer un coordinado que tenía en mente, pero recalco que es una pieza muy versátil!

I'm still waiting for some stuff that's on the way to make a coord I have in mind, but so far I think it's a very versatile piece! 

Y eso es más o menos todo~ estoy muy entusiasmada de estar de vacaciones. espero hayan actividades en la que pueda participar.

And that's pretty much it~ I'm very exited to be on vacations. Hope there are tons of activities to attend.


Stay cute~ ♡


|Diary| Lovely weekend

Hello bunnies,

Estoy casi en finales! Supongo que las siguientes 2 semanas me la pasaré corriendo como loca por el trabajo y la universidad (suele pasar cada ciclo). Pero, por otro lado, mis últimos fin de semana han sido muy bonitos!

I'm almost in finals! So I guess this next two weeks I'm gonna be running around university and work like crazy (sort of happens every semester). Ayway this past three weekends have been very lovely! 

De tanto en tanto algunos estudiantes se contactan con la comunidad lolita local buscando ayuda para proyectos finales como fotografías, documentales y derivados. En las últimas semanas he conocido personas muy agradables a las que ayudé con sus proyectos (espero haya sido de utilidad). Recibí dos grupos en mi casa para filmaciones y fui a una sesión de fotos y tomas para documental hace unas semanas. Estoy muy a la expectativa por ver los resultados finales de estos proyectos ya que me parece genial ver el punto de vista de personas ajenas al Lolita. Así que espero pueda llegar a ver los resultados.

From time to time some students contact the local lolita comm wanting help with final projects like photographs, documentaries and so on. In the past weeks I've met nice people and helped them a bit with their projects (hope I was useful). I received two groups on my house and gone to a photoshoot and a documentary shooting some weekends ago. I'm really excited to see the final results as it's always nice to see how non-lolita-related people express Lolita in their projects. So I hope I get to see the final results.

CM haciendo su maquillaje
CM doing her make-up

Mi coord / My coord
- Alice bow: Babyssb
- Skirt: Metamorphose
- Cardigan: Index
- Bracelette: Ribbon Holic (Chocomint)
- Rest: Offbrand

Uno de los proyectos en proceso era en Barranco, así que luego de la sesión Lui y yo fuimos un rato a casa de Mari. Ese día por fin me había puesto mi Marie Antoinette. Tanto Mari como yo estábamos enamoradas del coordinado de la otra así que decidimos intercambiar! Nunca lo había hecho antes (normalmente solo nos prestamos cosas para completar el look), pero fue muy divertido! Espero lo hagamos en serio alguna vez.

One of the projects-in-the-making we attended was in Barranco, so after that Lui and I stayed a bit at Mari's house. That day I had finally wore my Marie Antoinette JSK. Both Mari and I were in love with each other's dress so we decided to swap! I'd never done that before (normally we just lend each other stuff to complete a look) and it was really funny! Hope we get to do it properly next time.

Foto por Mari / Photo taken by Mari
- Bolero: Juliette et Justine
- Dress: Babyssb
- Shoes: Tatienne
- Rest: offbrand

Quiero ver a Mari con un coord muy princesil (le haré uno y la obligaré a usarlo ♥)
I want to see Mari in a really princess-y coord (I'll plan it and then make her wear it ♥)

Este último fin de semana recibí a mis bffs en mi casa para una pijamada! Sé que suena infantil, pero no hay nada como una noche relax con tus amigas comiendo pizza, viendo videos, bailando, riéndonos de la otra y hablando tonteras.

Then this weekend I received my bff's at home for a sleep over! I know it sound child-ish but there's nothing as a relaxing night with your friends eating pizza, watching videos, dancing, making fun of each other and talking nonsense. 

Ese día los gashapons que compré con CM llegaron!
That day the gashapons I bought with CM arrived!

Si están en finales, esfuércense mucho! / If you are in your final exams, do your best!
Stay cute,

Val ♥