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Hello bunnies,

I'm not dead, just extremely lazy~ As I always say, my life is extremely monotonous and very uninteresting so I never bother to write about it. However this past weekend was quite lovely.

On Sunday I went to the ballet with my father, we saw the Swan Lake. It was the last day to see it and he paid for a balcony as a present for getting good grades at university so I was really excited and we enjoyed it a lot. The Municipal Theater is a very lovely place, I wish that, if I ever get married, I could make the ceremony there, the place is just amazingly darling.

light was quite bad inside

Later on, after lunch, I went to a tea party organized by the local comm staff which was originally going to be a picnic but due to the weather was changed to a nearby tea house (the one that has gotten quite like "the point" for meet-ups since Cuteberry's tea party). I spent most of the evening with my pinky lovely friends since there were so many people I don't know or others where far in the other side of the table *babuh*

Mari & me


Mari, me, Claudiamiani, Lui, Faba
(Picture by: Nathan... blame him for taking blurry photos)

♥ Bow + Skirt: Babyssb
♥ Accessories: Chocomint
♥ Rest: Offbrand

That's it!

Some people has asked for some of my clothing choices for lolita coords. I normally mix offbrand with lolita a lot, since I don't like lolita shoes, nor blouses, nor tons of stuff (shoot me now). Some people say my style is more casual-vintage looking because of it. I think I'll share some of the things I use in lolita in my next post (it also helps you to save since it's cheaper than actual lolita stuff).

As always stay cute and dream on~
Val ♥


|diary| sugar bouquet

Hello bunnies~

Mi ciclo de universidad terminó y es tiempo para una vida normal de trabajo (por lo menos por un par de semanas)

The university period has ended and it's time for a normal working life (for a couple of weeks). It's been pretty intense but hopefully it's over and I did pretty well  (scholarship and all).


Ayer recogí mi última compra del correo: SugarBouquet de Babyssb. Sé que este estampado no estaba en mi wishlist, pero lo considero todo un ícono de la marca, así que tenía que comprarlo. Este estampado fue portada del mook y agenda de baby, así como fue parte del memorial series y tiene hasta funda para celular! Y el estampado grita Baby por todos lados con sus delicadas rosas y fresas y el logo de Baby alrededor. Es un estampado de ensueño.

So, yesterday I picked up my latest purchase from the post office: Sugar Bouquet skirt by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! I know SugarBouquet wasn't in my wish list but I consider it a Baby icon so I just had to buy it. This print has been featured in Baby's mook, agenda, phone case, memorial series, etc. And the print screams Baby galore with its delicate roses and strawberries plus Baby's logo swirling around. A really dreamy set indeed. 


Bueno, pasó que colocaron la falda en la página de ClosetChild y no me pude contener. El proceso de compra fue súper simple, como siempre, y llegó a Lima es sábado (yo ordené un martes). Yo había tenido muy mala suerte en conseguir el mook y agenda, así que soy muy feliz por mi compra *jiji* y hay que decir que es preciosa!

So, it happened that it appeared at ClosetChild and I simply couldn't contain myself. The process was very easy as always and it was in my country on Saturday (I ordered on Tuesday). I've been very unlucky with the mook and agenda, so I had to have the skirt *hihi* and I've got to admit it's already one of my favourites!  


Todavía estoy esperando que lleguen algunas cosillas para hacer un coordinado que tenía en mente, pero recalco que es una pieza muy versátil!

I'm still waiting for some stuff that's on the way to make a coord I have in mind, but so far I think it's a very versatile piece! 

Y eso es más o menos todo~ estoy muy entusiasmada de estar de vacaciones. espero hayan actividades en la que pueda participar.

And that's pretty much it~ I'm very exited to be on vacations. Hope there are tons of activities to attend.


Stay cute~ ♡