A new beginning~

Hello bunnies,

Some of you may notice that the blog has changed its name to Pinky Frilly. This is a new project that I've been thinking with my friends from some time now and from now on this is going to become a vlog & blog about Lolita Fashion in Perú!

The idea started when we noticed that the Peruvian movement wasn't known much outside other Latin American communities and we'd like to share all the events and things that happen in our daily lifes along with other interesting stuff about Lolitas here for you all!

With me there's gonna be a team of really dorky girls that I adore and that have become my bffs in Lolita and that encouraged me to do something more with this little space I have:

Me ♥ Faba ♥ Shiroyi ♥ CM ♥ Michilaine
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I really hope you enjoy everything we post, see yah on our first video!
As always...

Stay cute ♥


|Review| Babyssb's costumer service

Hello bunnies~

Today I'll write about an experience I had with the Lolita Brand, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright that had made me love this brand even more (if that was possible (^ω^)).

All started a week ago when my last order from them arrived. I had ordered Baby's |Butterfly Scepter| in gold but when I opened the box, the scepter was broken. I knew that was due to the postal  office services and contacted Baby right away (after unsuccessfully attempted to repair it Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ). They answered right away asking me to send back the damaged item and they'd cover the shipping costs, so I did that the very next day. 

After sending them the shipping notification, Baby inmediatelly refunded me for the shipping cost and send me a new scepter which arrived today! 

The box didn't look that well and the post office is on strike here so I just prayed that this time everything was fine.

To my great surprise they had wrapped everything with care and the scepter was safe! I hadn't taken that many pink paper in my life ^_−☆

And Baby Staff send me a postcard and a lovel shopping bag. They even wrote to me in Spanish! That detail melt my heart! ♡

This experience made me love Baby even more, they have such a lovely Staff that take care of costumers ♡

A scepter is not of much use but I can't wait to take it to the Masquerade event Lolimafia Staff is planning! I'm going with my beloved friends and we've decided to take classical princesses as our inspiration, can't wait for that day to arrive ♡

Stay cute everyone! (・ω・)ノ