|Diary| Hiro's epic Lolita picnic

Hello bunnies~ 

Long long time no see! I'm the worst blogger ever but I'll try -as always- to change that. Hope you're all having a wonderful 2015 so far. Mine hasn't been that good but I'm looking forward shinier days. 

Anyway, last Saturday was my first meet up of the year! Hiro invited a bunch of friends to spend the day at her dad's. As we're in the middle of the summer, we planned to make a picnic in the garden. So, on Friday, after work I went to a nearby cafe and bought macarons to share. Then headed home and prepared my coord and everything it was going to bring for the occasion... Yeah I was very excited! 

On Saturday I went early on to Mari's to help her out and to go together with Faba. Mari had made the most absolutely deliciously cute food ever! It included a salad cake, onigiris and rilakkuma mini sandwiches! After a short drive we arrived at Hiro's and oh my everyone was so cute! It was really a dream meet up. So we prepare everything, took photos, chatted and ate in ver unladylike ways.

When it got darker we went to the cinema room and watch the 25th anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera Play! Which was of course was amazing. And after that, thanks to lovely ClaudiaMiani, we played Cards Against Lolita, which Faba won with all her wittiness and Lolitopoly!! That showed Lui's dark side in all its finest. 

And that was all! It was an amazing wonderful day! I cried, laughed and enjoyed myself plenty. I'm very grateful with my friends for letting me spend such amazing days and I'm looking forward the next meet up. I love them.

So... This is all for today! The little group I'm in is making monthly activities which I hope to share here. I'm very content with all the little ways we make to enjoy the fashion. 

Thank you for reading and have a lovely week.

Stay cute,