|Lolita Life| Loli Time's Easter Tea Party

Hello bunnies~

Yesterday I attended Loli Time's Easter Tea Party! I just knew about it yesterday (life has been hectic as always) but Loli Time is actually a new group here in Lima that will do Lolita gatherings and events. It's run by the local online store Lady Bug and they'll also have a shopping platform I'm dying to try. Dense as I am I was totally clueless...

Ayer fui al Tea Party de Pascuas de Loli Time! Recién me enteré ayer (mi vida ha estado algo ajetreada estos días), pero Loli Time es un nuevo grupo aquí en Lima que va ha realizar juntas y eventos Lolita. Está dirigido por la tienda online Lady Bug y también han anunciado una plataforma de compras que muero por probar. Densa como soy, ni me había dado cuenta...

You can know more about them here
Pueden conocer más de Loli Time aquí

So as always I went to Mari's first to get ready. She was as always absolutely fantastic and of course had to take a shot of her.
Como siempre fui primero donde Mari para alistarnos. Ella estaba totalmente hermosa y por supuesto tuve que tomarle una foto.

My outfit was inspired by a hat I had purchased from Lui that is the cutest thing ever!
Mi coordinado estuvo inspirado en un sombrero que le compré a Lui que es la cosa más hermosa del mundo!

Ph: CM

Hat: Cuteberry
Top: Babyssb
Skirt: Crown Label (Metamorphose)
Accessories: Chocomint / Taobao
Rest: Offbrand

The girls really made a lovely tea party full of pastries and surprises. There were activities such as a lookout for Easter eggs, ribbons with notes about your birthday flower and a piñata full of thingies. 
Las chicas realmente hicieron un lindo tea party lleno de dulces y sorpresas. Hubieron actividades como la búsqueda de huevos de pascua, lazos con notas sobre nuestras flores de nacimiento y una piñata llena de cositas.

It was indeed a lovely afternoon and I got to see my friends! Hope to get another Lolita gathering soon!
Fue una tarde muy linda y pude ver a mis amigas! Espero haya otra reunión Lolita muy pronto!

Lui is so adorbs!
Lui es demasiado adorable!

Ph: Faba

Ph: Faba

Till the next entry,
Hasta la próxima entrada,

Stay cute

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|Review| DreamV ruffle booties

Hello bunnies~

A little while ago I made my first DreamV order! For the ones that don't know DramV is a multi brand that carries different little sub brands for a variety of styles. It's mostly followed by Gyaru girls but one of its lines is very dolly and have tons of loliable stuff. Most Lolitas normally buy shoes, bags and blouses from DreamV, so I picked a gorgeous gold heart bag and a pair of booties to die for... Really, everybody says they're amazingly pretty.

I bought the boots for a coord I have in the making and really they can be used for a lot of coords, even for daily use! DreamV is on Rakuten so it was sent via EMS and arrived pretty quickly! Everything was really well wrapped and was perfect... Till some days later I tried them on.

I ordered a size 7 (24cm) but it was actually a tad big for me, nothing that can't be solved. The real problem came as I started walking. The boot part doesn't let you move your ankle so the fake leather brushes against your skin while walking. It happens that I have really but really sensitive skin so by the time I arrived to work...

We'll let's say my ankle didn't like it. 
My advice is that if you buy this particular model, you use it with thick socks if your skin is as sensitive as mine. I normally can't wear slippers without socks or I bleed. 

Will try to wear them again once the cuts close up :( 

I still love them though~

That's it for today! 
Have an amazing week! 

Stay cute

Val :3


|Diary| February haul

Hello bunnies,

How have you been? I'm really happy because my mother came back from the USA and I won't be living alone anymore. I don't mind being alone as I'm a pretty lonely person but after spending all my money and havin a paranormal experience I'm rather happy to have them back.

Anyway, February was a month in which even if I told my self not to buy got some stuff thanks to mother *yey* so bear with me while I brag about my month's presents.

Mom was pretty lovely indeed 

So first up is my first DreamV order! After seeing some videos I decided to finally buy some things from DreamV. I shall do a proper guide on how to order there of you please. I got a gorgeous gold heart shape bag I had been drooling for a while now and a dreamy pair of booties that are fantastic. Best purchase ever! 

Can't wait for winter! 

Now onto the Disney shopping. As you may know already I'm a Disney fan through and through as well as my parents, so I got some thingies for daily use! My mom insists on me having more "casual", conventional clothes~ I dare say she tried. Still can see myself wearing a crop top but I'll try since it's pretty. 

Belle keychain! It's now with the Disney key my boss gave me when he visited Disneyland. 

Ariel's wallet! I got my wallet stolen some months ago. It's nice to have a proper one back! 

Aurora's crop top. Dunno what do to with this but it's cute. 

Beauty & the beast top. I'm actually wearing it today. 

Belle's tiara. This is quite the only quite Lolita thing from the lot. It's so so so pretty! 

She also got me a couple of things at Claire's! She knows I love flowers so she got me some.

And a new eyeliner *yey* 

But the biggest preset was something I've been longing for quite a lot of times. I love taking photos and even if I can't do it often I still do it from time to time. Specially to take pictures of my gorgeous friends! Soooo mom got me a 50mm lens!! 

Oh all the things I wanna do with this baby. My baby.

Finally, my dad is coming today and he got me Pumpkin Juice from the Harry Potter park! And Mickey Mumu has got new friends~ 

Yet the month couldn't end without Lolita right? But that will be another story!

Nothing like fascinators and baby galore! 

Stay cute~